Fiber Art Lectures

Lectures can be presented in person (if booked with a minimum of 2 days of workshops) or on Zoom. 

Lectures are 45 – 60 minutes and include a power point presentation and representative fiber art pieces.

Confessions of an Eclectic Quilter

In this fiber art lecture, Lynn Koolish presents her personal journey in art quilting with a discussion of inspiration, process, and quilts. Join her as she explore various media, techniques, and processes.

 All About Fabric Dyeing

Join Lynn Koolish in this fiber art lecture and overview of fabric dyeing for quilting and other fiber arts. A fabric-dyer for over 20 years, Lynn presents a non-technical view of the dyeing process and using hand-dyed fabrics in fiber art.

Make Design Principles Work for You

Whether you work using a thoroughly planned-out design, work intuitively/improvisationally, or anything in between, using basic design principles is essential for creating compelling work no matter what your style–Art, Modern, or Traditional. See how four renown quilt artists who work in very different styles put design principles to work in their quilts.